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Artificial Grass and Astro Turf across Preston, Blackpool & Fleetwood

What is "Artificial Grass"? Artificial grass usually strikes fear into people as it was always considered to be dull and lifeless and looked nothing at all like the real thing. In many cases you may as well have put down a green carpet.

However, times have very much changed. Over the past few years manufacturers have made leaps and bounds in the way artificial grass looks and feels, you can even have artificial grass that looks real even close up.

There are many advantages to having artificial grass laid, and one of the most appealing is "very" low maintenance. Other advantages are:

  • * Easy to pick up after pets
  • * Always looks perfect
  • * No Mud - No Mess
  • * Great for shaded areas
  • * Safe for children
  • * Virtually weed free

Sustainable Drainage (SuDS)

SUDS which is short for “Sustainable Urban Drainage System” is a regulation from The Environment Agency to help prevent surface water and flooding on hard standing ground. Natural ground surfaces like soil and lawn are permeable and allow water to drain through.

There is absolutely no worries about SuDS as all our artificial grass systems are pouros so there is no change to your existing ground.

What are the costs?

There are several factors that affect the cost of laying artificial grass so so this section should give you a good idea of how much your project could be, and hopefully you will be able to at least estimate the cost of a new artificial grass lawn....

To get the most accurate resin driveway cost you first need to consider a few important things…

  • * What is the area/size of my project?
  • * Does the whole surface need to be prepared?
  • * What edgings and borders do you like?
  • * Do you require extra things such as features?
  • * What type of grass would you like?
  • These are the main points that will allow you to estimate your new lawn cost.

Professional Installation

Some people will opt to lay artificial grass themselves, and if they are very proficient in diy and groundworks then they will probably do a good job. However, we would always reccommend that you get professionals in to do this as it can sometimes look a lot more simple than it actually is. as there is always some ground work involved you can expect to pay from £55 - £75 per sqm dependant on the total project area, this would also depend on the quality of the artificial gras that you choose.

What are the advantages of using professionals?

  • * Speedy installation – an installation can be installed in as little as 1 Day

  • * Guarantee – The whole sub base and top coat will be guaranteed.

  • * Finish – you are assured of a great finished product.

It is always best to arrange a free site visit and no obligation quote as we can usually provide you with your exact project price within 2 days.

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