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Block Paving Solutions, Fleetwood, Preston & Blackpool

What is Concrete Block Paving? Concrete block paving or brick paving first became popular during the late 70s/early 80s. It was a time when customer choice was limited to tarmac and flat concrete. When it came to styles and colours, there were only a few simple designs and a handful of colours, this was about as exciting as it got.

However, the market for block paving has since grown significantly, while the manufacturing industry has also advanced. The result is there’s now more choice available to you, whether you like traditional or modern designs, different textures, range of colours and even material options.

As we are specialist installers of block paving we would like to point you to an external website that deals with block types and designs go to our Gallery

What Are The Benefits Of Block Paving?

Block paving has been used for properties for years, whether that’s on driveways, pathways, patios or road surfacing. They're frequently chosen by customers due to the benefits they have as a sturdy driveway.

Having block paving can add value to your property and ultimately enhance the appearance of your house, property and overall area. Plus, with the interlocking pavers it also allows for enhanced strengthening and no worries about adding any extra drainage systems. A good choice all round for your home.

Since there is so much flexibility in block paving designs, colours, and sizing, we can create almost any type of design you have created or are looking for. For more information about our block paving services across Fleetwood, Preston and Blackpool, get in touch with our team today.

Sustainable Drainage (SuDS)

SUDS which is short for “Sustainable Urban Drainage System” is a regulation from The Environment Agency to help prevent surface water and flooding on hard standing ground. Natural ground surfaces like soil and lawn are permeable and allow water to drain through.

"Traditional" concrete or tarmac surfaces are not permeable so do not allow surface water to drain away. By installing a porous sub base and overlaying with "permable concrete" block paving stones, surface water is allowed to drain away or run off to ‘soft’ areas therefore avoiding “puddling” that is seen on many drives and patios.

Block Paving Costs

There are many factors that affect the cost of block paving driveways and patios so we have set this page up to give you a good idea of how much your project will be, and hopefully you will be able to at least estimate your own block paving driveway cost.

To get the most accurate block paving driveway cost you first need to consider a few important things…

  • * Can your existing surface be overlaid or will it need to be excavated and rebuilt before the block paving is installed?
  • * What is the size of my project?
  • * Does the whole surface need to be prepared for vehicle traffic?
  • * What edgings and borders do you like?
  • * Do I require extra things such as manholes, steps or lighting?
  • These are the main points that will allow you to estimate your block paving driveway cost and we will explain why each affects your project below........

Estimating Your Costs

With a Concrete Block Paving installation you will potentially need to have a new base installed as we can not guarantee any installations were we do not know how solid the base is. If it is found that your base is good enough then this could save you some money. Should your projects existing surface be unsuitable however then we are able to excavate the existing driveway and start from scratch. We call this a ‘full dig out’ installation.

A ‘full dig out’ installation is generally between £85 and £105 per sqm dependant on the total project area.

The advantages of this type of installation are:

  • * Guarantee – The whole sub base and top coat will be guaranteed

  • * Permeable – As we will install a completely permeable sub base, the whole system becomes absorbent and you will never have get the “puddling” effect

  • * Precision – As we are starting again, we will be able to install the driveway perfectly, with overlays we are governed by the falls of the existing sub base

It is always best to arrange a free site visit and no obligation quote as we can usually provide you with your exact project price within 2 days.

If you're looking for block paving solutions in or around Fleetwood, Preston or Blackpool. Contact us now on 0800 779 7878 or info@conceptresins.co.uk