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Pattern Imprinted Concrete (P.I.C)

A concrete driveway can often provide the best value for money when upgrading. Concrete not only tends to last longer compared to other materials such as tarmac, this is because concrete is strong and simple to maintain.

Pattern imprinted concrete or stamped concrete driveways are a relative newcomer to the scene. Instead of using individual blocks to create your finished surface, a layer of concrete is poured on a suitable sub-base. A colour is then applied, as well as a colour hardener.

To create the desired finished effect, the wet concrete has a patterned matt applied to it. You will have a choice of designs from textured Stone to bricks and slabs. The idea of PIC driveway is to replicate other materials, thereby giving the concrete and your drive a more desirable finish and very low maintenance.

What Are The Benefits Of Pattern Imprinted Concrete?

There are various benefits to having pattern imprinted concrete at your property, including being able to choose a variety of designs in a range of colours and tones. These imprinted pattern designs are typically low maintenance and can add value to your home. You can benefit from having a hard wearing surface, that is slip, dirt and stain resistant too.

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P.I.C and Sustainable Drainage (SuDS)

SUDS which is short for “Sustainable Urban Drainage System” is a regulation from The Environment Agency to help prevent surface water and flooding on hard standing ground. Natural ground surfaces like soil and lawn are permeable and allow water to drain through.

Traditional concrete surfaces are not usually permeable therefore do not allow surface water to drain away. However there are a few choices you can consider. First you can lay permeable concrete, although this will raise the cost of installation substantially. Secondly you can have a new drain installed in conjunction with a soakaway. Both of these methods are SuDS compliant therefore the need for planning permission is negated.

P.I.C Costs

There are many factors that affect the cost of pattern imprinted concreteP.I.C driveways and patios so we have set this page up to give you a good idea of how much your project will be, and hopefully you will be able to at least estimate your own pattern imprinted concreteP.I.C driveway cost.

To get the most accurate pattern imprinted concreteP.I.C driveway cost you first need to consider a few important things…

  • * Can your existing surface be overlaid or will it need to be excavated and rebuilt before the pattern imprinted concreteP.I.C is installed?
  • * What is the size of my project?
  • * Does the whole surface need to be prepared for vehicle traffic?
  • * What edgings and borders do you like?
  • * Do I require extra things such as manholes, steps or lighting?
  • These are the main points that will allow you to estimate your pattern imprinted concreteP.I.C driveway cost and we will explain why each affects your project below........

    The starting cost for pattern imprinted concrete per m2 depends on several factors, but you’ll be looking at between £45 and £115 per square metre. Example: For a 50m2 driveway, your estimated cost could range from £2,250 to £6,500

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P.I.C Overlay

This is the most inexpensive and fastest P.I.C driveway installation is what we call an overlay. Overlays are possible when your existing driveway/patio is solid and is in good condition. If your driveway/patio is suitable to be overlaid you can expect to pay from £55 per sqm dependant on the total project area.

What are the advantages of an overlay?

  • * Speedy installation – an installation can be installed in as little as 1 Day

  • * Driveway Cost – as you have already have a suitable base installed, you save the excavation and preparation costs which are typically a further £45-£65 per square metre.

  • * Driveway Finish – you are still able to achieve the same stunning finish that you would expect from any other type of installation.

However although this is possible we would always recommend a full dig out due to the fact that while it may look and feel solid we can not guarantee the base would not move and inevitably crack your beautiful new driveway.

If you are unsure whether your surface can be overlaid or not, give us a call to book an appointment or send in some pictures to info@conceptresins.co.uk and we will be able to advise you further.

Full Excavation

Should your projects existing surface be unsuitable for an overlay or if you would just prefer a fully permeable, SUDS compliant base, we are able to excavate the existing driveway and start from scratch. We call this a ‘full dig out’ installation.

A ‘full dig out’ installation is generally between £100 and £130 per sqm dependant on the total project area.

The advantages of this type of installations are:

  • * Guarantee – The whole sub base and top coat will be guaranteed
  • * Permeable – As we will install a completely permeable sub base, the whole system becomes absorbent and you will never have get the “puddling” effect
  • * Precision – As we are starting again, we will be able to install the driveway perfectly, with overlays we are governed by the falls of the existing sub base
  • It is always best to arrange a free site visit and no obligation quote as we can usually provide you with your exact project price within 2 days.

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